Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My husband saw this cute duck family next to the little pond behind our apartment building and he took a picture of them for me because he knows how much I love ducklings. He is so sweet! He made my day :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last few years I work in the outlet shopping mall. For somebody who loves shopping as much as I do this place is like a heaven on Earth. But at the same time it's a hell for my wallet. I try not to buy everything I see but sometimes it's really hard especially with the big SALE signs calling you in. I'm used to shop in outlets so much I don't even remember when was the last time I bought some clothes for a full price. Here are few things I've found these last few days.

Max and Cleo Dress from BCBG Outlet, 75% original price

SISLEY Dress from Benetton Outlet, 70% OFF original price

Both tank tops from American Eagle, 30% OFF original price

Sweater and T-shirt from Cotton On, both $10

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Few  weeks ago I was at Macy's just checking out what was new in the Dior Makeup counter. The ladies who are working at these counters could be a little bit too .... hmmm how to say it nicely...intrusive. But I have to say I was very lucky because I met very nice lady, her name was Jackie. I asked her if she had a sample of BB cream and she gave me one right away. She also told me that they have a Dior event coming in few days and she asked me if I would be interested to attend. She explained they have a "Dior Makeup Specialist" coming and she will do my makeup for free. Because of my always changing schedule I told her I'm not sure if I would be able to make it but I would give her a call in few days which I did and signed up for the event. I've never attended event like this before so I wanted to know what was going on there and I also wanted to learn few tricks from professional.

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me so I have just few pictures from my husband's Blackberry.

When I came to Macy's that day it looked like one big party. All the other beauty counters had also some promotions going on, there was music, stands with free lemonade and cinnamon snacks. Jackie was very nice she talked to me and my husband for quite some time. She cleaned my face and gave me a face massage which was great. 

The product I loved the most was the Gentle Cleansing Milk with Velvet Peony Extract. It smells beautiful but the smell is very soft and clean. I have very dry skin and I usually don't use anything scented on my face but this product cleans my face and leaved it fresh and soft. I love it!  

The Makeup artist asked me what kind of make up I would like. First I told her I would like to know how to do a smokey eyes but than I saw gorgeous dark plum lip gloss and I decided I would like to try that. Something different something bold! And I love the make up you can see on the Fall runway shows with dark burgundy lip.

She did  my smokey eyes but not very dark, she used lighter purple colors. She explained to me how to do it and said it's easy but I don't think it's that easy even she spent good 15 minutes doing it. I think you really couldn't achieve such a great results when you are doing your own eye make up. The lip looked great but completely different because it was glossy and for my taste way too glossy.

I'm not used to lip glosses. I'm using lipsticks and I have to say I had to take off the lip gloss after 10 minutes because my hair kept sticking on my lips and it was annoying. Now I know for sure I like matte lipsticks much more. And this is how the make up looked like after we came home. 

The two things the Makeup Artist used I fell in love immediately were Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer and Airflash Spray Foundation. She used the concealer for my dark eye circles and it covered them perfectly. But the best thing was definitely the spray foundation. 

I wanted to buy foundation anyway because I was running out of my old one which was Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Creme which I have to say I didn't like that much. Before the Chanel one I was using Dior Diorskin Nude Cream Gel Compact and I loved it and wanted to buy it also this time. I asked the Makeup Artist what she is recommending and right away she said the Airflash. First I thought I'm not gonna spent so much for a foundation but when I've seen it on my face I was sold!! Unbelievably beautiful, light, perfect foundation that lasts all day long. I'm just wondering how long will the bottle last. 

So at the end I bought the Cleansing Milk, Spray Foundation, Concealer and Rose Lip Treatment for dry lips. I wasn't planning to buy this much but I love all these products and I know I will be using them for a very long time. I'm using them for a week now and so far I'm 100% satisfied and I would recommend them to everybody because they are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

And this is how I looked like that evening. We were celebrating my husband's birthday. 

  Flower pants and blouse Target, Shoes Forever 21, Bag LV 

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I found some awesome stuff out there on the Internet and I plan to buy everything...I just need to win the lottery...yes, that's my plan!!

All the clothing and ear piece from (for me new) Choies.com
The wedge sneakers for just $29.99 from Target.com
All high heel are part of new Christian Siriano for Payless collection, pictures from Glamour.com

Friday, August 31, 2012


I would like to start a new regular post called HOW AWESOME IS... In this kind of post I'll pick something that caught my attention and I will rate it on my awesome scale: totally awesome, pretty awesome, awesome, not so awesome and not at all awesome.

New product I was reading a lot about these last few weeks is BB creme. They are heavily promoted everywhere from Sephora to Target. I read about them on several beauty blogs and I decided to try one. Because I didn't know if I would like this product I didn't want to buy expansive one so I decided to try one from Target. I was deciding between L'OREAL and Garnier one and decided for the L'OREAL just because in the L'OREAL line I could choose from 3 colors which I think are light, medium and dark.

So the BB cream should be like 4 products in one - primer + moisturizer + corrector + foundation = BB cream. This particular L'OREAL BB cream was around $8.

First thing that surprised me when I first tried it was the color of the BB cream.

It has white color with little tiny black-ish particles inside. The consistency is very light. More like lotion than a cream.

After you massage it to your skin the black-ish particles disappear and the color turns pink-ish. Than it completely blends with your skin color.

I don't have any pictures of the BB cream on my face because the difference between my natural tone and the result after I apply this product is very minimal and it's not very visible on photos . I can see that after I use the BB cream my skin is little bit more glowing and it evens my skin tone. I'm using it on my days off when I'm just running few errands and I don't what to put my regular foundation on. If you would expect to use it except of foundation I would say you would be disappointed. I would recommend to use it under your regular foundation because it evens your skin and keeps your skin moisturized.

So the question is: How awesome is BB Cream? My answer is : PRETTY AWESOME.
Do you agree? Do you disagree? Please let me know!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Seriously shame on me!!!! I wasn't here for almost a year!!!
First of all how is it even possible the time fly soooo fast?? Can you believe the Christmas is here in 4 months??
I promise I will be better blogger and I will post here more often. I would like to start few new posts that I will be posting regularly. For today it's just my favorite breakfast combo...

BEBE breakfast cookies from my mum from Slovakia + walnuts + Greek yogurt + banana + light reading = best morning ever 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I can not believe I found this dress in Forever 21. When I saw it I planned to wear it with over sized sweater or t-shirt but when I tried it on I realized that it's perfect just as it is. It's so simple yet the pleats make it looks like 1000 bucks. Such a shame I don't have some fancy party to go to right now. I really feel like a member of some royal family when I have it on :)

By the way the shoes are from my fav BCBG outlet store. I was just browsing when I saw them - last pair, my size, $49...I could not leave them there alone so I adopt (my new way to say to my husband that I bought another pair of shoes) them and gave them a great new home. So far they are very happy here...

Dress and Faux fur vest Forever 21, Shoes BCBGeneration

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