Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target

I was looking forward for this collaboration for couple of moths so when the yesterday came I was least I thought I was prepared...


I woke up at 7 AM and went right away to Target website. I started shopping but after about 15 minutes the website crashed. That moment I said to myself : THIS IS SERIOUS. I was out of my apartment in 10 minutes. When I came to our local Target it was about 8:15. It was not busy, crazy or anything just couple women whose carts were full. In women department 80 % of clothes were gone but I was still able to snatch great things but not the thing I wanted most which was this wrap/shawl/Ruana. But when I went to fitting rooms there was already bunch of stuff that somebody tried on so I went right through it and I found my wrap in different color - VERY HAPPY!!

In shoes department I was able to get last pair of flats and they were on the display. One lady there was just piling rain boots in her cart and she gave ME this bad look like I just stole her baby's blanket!!!! CRAZY!!

I did not have time to go to kitchen & bathroom department because I had to go to work. But I didn't mind because I don't like acrylic products for me plastic dishes should be used just for parties or outside on picnic or barbecue or things like that and I don't do parties,picnics or thing like that...

I was not prepared to buy so much stuff but when I saw those women with full carts I somehow just went with the crowd. And I have to say I'm very happy about every single thing I bought and I'm keeping EVERYTHING. It's beautiful colors and the quality is great.

I was also able to buy couple of things online after I came from work which was about 7 PM and later at 11PM. I don't know if I'll receive this stuff because lots of people were writing on Target Style Facebook page that they placed the order, received the email but later there was another email canceling the previous. It's definitely a mess and Target should improve their website so nothing like this ever happens again. Also I agree with disappointed customers who could not buy anything because eBay vultures were buying everything they could lie their hands on. New rules in shopping should be applied in these designer collaborations for example 3 pieces of same item per customer sounds reasonable.

Over all I love my new Missoni for Target pieces, my shopping experience was good and I'm already looking forward for next collaboration.


  1. Clovece Katkoslava!!!Chvalim ta!PALCE HORE! how awesome and pretty,young lady! sa mi tvoj blog nesmierne paci! looking forward to read ur new posts and see ur pics ;o)) som tvoja nova stalkerka. Cekni the art institute of fort lauderdale....

  2. Tinoslava musis prist a ceknut tie Missoni kusky;))