Friday, August 31, 2012


I would like to start a new regular post called HOW AWESOME IS... In this kind of post I'll pick something that caught my attention and I will rate it on my awesome scale: totally awesome, pretty awesome, awesome, not so awesome and not at all awesome.

New product I was reading a lot about these last few weeks is BB creme. They are heavily promoted everywhere from Sephora to Target. I read about them on several beauty blogs and I decided to try one. Because I didn't know if I would like this product I didn't want to buy expansive one so I decided to try one from Target. I was deciding between L'OREAL and Garnier one and decided for the L'OREAL just because in the L'OREAL line I could choose from 3 colors which I think are light, medium and dark.

So the BB cream should be like 4 products in one - primer + moisturizer + corrector + foundation = BB cream. This particular L'OREAL BB cream was around $8.

First thing that surprised me when I first tried it was the color of the BB cream.

It has white color with little tiny black-ish particles inside. The consistency is very light. More like lotion than a cream.

After you massage it to your skin the black-ish particles disappear and the color turns pink-ish. Than it completely blends with your skin color.

I don't have any pictures of the BB cream on my face because the difference between my natural tone and the result after I apply this product is very minimal and it's not very visible on photos . I can see that after I use the BB cream my skin is little bit more glowing and it evens my skin tone. I'm using it on my days off when I'm just running few errands and I don't what to put my regular foundation on. If you would expect to use it except of foundation I would say you would be disappointed. I would recommend to use it under your regular foundation because it evens your skin and keeps your skin moisturized.

So the question is: How awesome is BB Cream? My answer is : PRETTY AWESOME.
Do you agree? Do you disagree? Please let me know!!

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